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EnLawThai is Thailand’s quantity one premier law firm,  assisting both domestic and international clients whom search for legitimate legal counsel to get the best methods to start a small business in Thailand, or need assistance in other legal issues. 

As time has passed, we’ve painstakingly built up ourselves as the most trusted Nakhon Pathom attorney, with more than three decades of demonstrated reputation for providing exceptionally effective legal solutions to our customers problems – both domestically and internationally.

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Nakhon Pathom Lawyer


Criminal Law

Our Nakhon Pathom Lawyer team are experts in all areas of Criminal Nakhon Pathom Law. If arrested or faced with a crime in Thailand, you need to make fully sure your  it is therefore you have a Nakhon Pathomattorney. It is crucial that you not just engage an experienced Thai criminal test lawyer, but one who can communicate these differences efficiently in English. Our Thai solicitors are very well equipped to manage any legal situation and discover the most effective treatment for your appropriate situation and win


Business Law

Our Legal Consultancy could keep your business on course.  whether you might be beginning a company in  Nakhon Pathom, or already established, we can help with all business related legal problems. To decide on what is the most suitable business structure and organisation to establish for you, the knowledge, legal skill mastery and experience of a  Nakhon Pathom lawyer is absolutely essential. We are able to offer the most readily useful legal service available, that specialises in your businesses requirements.


Family Law

Family law could be tough, why don’t we show you through it. Our Nakhon Pathom attorneys understand these issues that need a delicate touch, as well as accurate and sound legal counsel, to be able to assist resolve your appropriate family problems Our Family Law solution covers issues such as for instance parental custody of young ones, wedding, civil unions, contested and uncontested wills, divorces legal separations,  adoptions – both domestic and foreign,  and many more.



If you’re a company and wish to remain long term in Thailand, or require any papers certified, then chances are you require notarial solutions in Thailand. This means you must use the services of your embassy,  which is frequently a slow, and convoluted procedure all to legalize your documents, provided these services are even available. EnLawThai can help you with this in a straightforward, pain and risk-free procedure, built to satisfy your notarization requirements. 


Property Law

When purchasing property in Thailand as an outsider, you’ll need a lawyer who knows how to navigate through Thailand’s complex the appropriate processes so that you can secure the home. Before you consent to virtually any contract and put down a deposit you must take a seat with a Thai property lawyer to speak about the lawful legal procedures. EnLawThai offers an accurate and cost-effective appropriate service that is catered especially to you, to meet up all of your requirements.


And More

We cater our service to meet your preferences. At EnLawThai, we are a one stop way to for all your legal needs, whether it is company or personal legal services. We offer just about every solution available in the appropriate industry, so It is impossible to list all of our services into the one web page, but listed below are just a couple of a lot more of our most well known solutions that people provide. 

Tackling complex cases & seeing them through

We work for you. We go the extra mile until and see that every case is completed to our satisfaction.

Commitment to help with difficult cases

No case is too difficult for us. Here at En Law Thai we always give 100% everytime.

Elite team of experienced labor law attorneys

We have a Nakhon Pathom lawyer from every legal background. Do not worry, we have everything covered.

Counseling, mediation, & legal representation


Only at En Law Thai we handle all sorts of legally appropriate instances. We have a group of professional foreign and Nakhon Pathom attorneys, whom frequently adjust their approach to to counsel, mediate or legally express a client uniquely.


Our team of expert Nakhon Pathom attorney and foreign attorneys attempt to offer excellent legal advice present with extreme professionalism and competence. With us as your legal representative you will never worry. 

With En Law Thai you are in safe hands. 

About Us: Join our team to get experienced advice

Our Nakhon Pathom law firm consists of a team of foreign and Nakhon Pathom lawyers who have over 30 years of legally appropriate consultancy experience in Nakhon Pathom and we strive to achieve the immediate following: develop, empower, enable and continue maintaining.

We recognize that there is nothing more crucial compared to the psychological, financial and spiritual health of the family members, through its many transitions. Our company is right here to help you.

EnLaw Thai have the best Nakhon Pathom lawyers  who have practical experience in a wide scope of legal disciplines: Real Estate exchanges (Nakhon Pathom property buy including leasehold, apartment suite, manors, endeavor improvement, development law and authorizing), Immigration (Thai Visas and Immigration, Thai Citizenship, Permanent Residence, and Thai Business, Marriage and Retirement Visa applications), Litigation solutions (Civil, Commercial and Criminal), Process provider of Court Papers and Investigation Services (Individual and business), Notary Services and final Will and Testament and all parts of Family Law (prenuptial understanding, split, kid guardianship, reception). etc.

Our Nakhon Pathom law firm also has fully licensed English-speaking Nakhon Pathom lawyers, attorneys and experts, whom combine their efforts to co-operate in a manner that can provide the very best legal advice for the situation which help with regards to business and Investment Laws.

We now have a demonstrated reputation for providing our clients with an extremely efficient and cheap legal solutions for both domestic and global consumers, all the while conveying a unparalleled amount of ability demonstrated by our Nakhon Pathom lawyer